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Jennifer Aquino

Software Engineer

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Eric Aquino

Graphic & Web Designer

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Sheba & Keire

Office mates

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Hello I'm Jennifer Aquino

Occupation: Software Engineer

I am a software developer based out of Sacramento, CA. I have been designing and building software for the past 14 years and there is nothing I would rather do for my occupation. I find it very rewarding to design software and see it come to life and revolutionize the way that business is done. I also really enjoy designing integrations between software to streamline business processes. I have a Master's of Science (2008) and a Bachelor's of Science (2004) both in Computer Science from California State University, Sacramento.


I am skilled in designing web sites and all types of software. From billing systems to custom content management to software that tracks and reports on different aspects of a business, I have built it or maintained it. I have also designed and coded countless integrations between software that allows for fast and efficient flow of data.


In my spare time, I enjoy sports of all kinds. I love to snowboard, participate in obstacle course races, practice yoga or head to Zumba class. I am also a nature lover. Backpacking and hiking are my favorite pastimes.

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Hello I'm Eric Aquino

Occupation: Graphic/Web Designer

I'm a graphic/web designer based out of Sacramento, CA. I have a passion for all things related to graphic design and web design.

I love the constant evolution of the design world and greatly enjoy learning and growing as a graphic designer. I achieved an Associate’s Degree of Science in Applied Art and Design from Sierra College and have been employed as a Freelance Designer for the past eight years.


I am skilled in designing web sites and graphics for web as well as print. I am experienced in using the programs in the Adobe Suite as well as HTML/HTML5, CSS, and some JavaScript. I am also proficient in building Wordpress sites.


In my spare time, I enjoy training and competing in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), and I am a keen outdoorsman. I enjoy staying physically as well as mentally active, it helps to clear my thoughts and get a better perspective on life, which also gets my creative juices flowing. However, my favorite pastime is art! I love all media of art, like painting on canvas with acrylic or oil colors. Or create my visions with a pen, a charcoal pencil, or a graphite pencil on a drawing pad. Sculpting and making props is another medium I enjoy. I love the challenge of seeing where my artistic abilities will take me and enjoy the satistfaction of the end result. That said, digital art is another medium which I use to create intricate and expressive masterpieces.

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Ruff Ruff

Occupation: Office Mates

Sheba and Keire are both German Shepherds. They are not only our officemates, but they are our hiking and backpacking partners as well. Their favorite things to do are to play fetch and swim and hike.

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